Our philosophy, at Zomya.co, is to provide one-of-a-kind experiences by building bridges between people and cultures

More than 15 years of experience has taught us that the best travel is composed of “experiencial adventures”, instead of the amount of highlights visited. 

When visitors recall a memorable trip or vacation, they talk about four things: 

★ What they saw 

★ What they did  

   ★ What they learned  

    ★ The people they met 

So when visiting a place and exploring its history, culture and beauty; we try to create authentic memories by tightening bonds between travelers and locals, and by visiting genuine places.

We will provide many opportunities to interact with the local people and immerse yourself into their daily life: by visiting villages, rural markets or attending festivals, or just by being invited at their home to enjoy a cup of tea or a bowl of rice.

We keep focusing on the southwest part of China. With it's dramatic scenery, nestled in the mountains far away from Han civilization, where more than half of the country's ethnic groups can be found (each with their unique culture, language and traditions), and climate varying from valley to valley. It's a place of immense natural beauty - best enjoyed by hiking or cycling. 

So most of our itineraries include the possibility to do so. 

There is no set recipe for our trips, they are all tailor-made down to the finest details according to your taste and interests. 

Dream, travel, discover. Zomya.co will give you a different perspective on traveling in China.

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