Vanishing Tribes Odyssey

Ethnic groups: Yao, Miao, Wa, Yi, Hui, Hani, Dai, Lahu, Bulang, Zhuang, Mongol, Jino

15 - 21DAYS

There are 25 different ethnic groups according China's official classification. Some smaller ethnic groups are not recognized by the government and the larger groups, such as the Yi and Hani for example, have many subgroups. Each of these groups live in different mountains, wear different costumes, speak different languages or dialects, have different rituals and festivals. During this journey Zomya will show you how strong these cultures are, and how they have survived and adapted to the rapid development of society. We will take you to the more remote mountain area in Yunnan to discover the hidden tribes which are still far from civilization. You will have the chance to experience the daily life of the local people.

Best season: Sep - Apr


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