Tengchong - Trekking the Majestic Gaoligong Range

Trekking - Birding - Hots springs - Waterfalls - Gaoligong mountain - Traditional villages

3 - 5DAYS

Tengchong is a small border town between China and Myanmar which played an important role during the WW II. Unlike other parts of Yunnan, this area is less ethnically diverse and the majority of people are Han Chinese. The abundant thermal activity and ancient volcanoes made this place famous for hot springs. Besides the cultural attractions there are several alternatives. Zomya will help you to arrange an adventurous journey to the primitive Gaoligong mountains, which lie between Tengchong and the Salween river. In this hiker’s journey, you may have a lot of opportunities to view gibbons, different azalea blooming, and hundreds of different bird species. If you are a true nature lover, this journey is the one you can’t miss.

Best season: Sep - Apr


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