A Bite of Yunnan – Vegetarian Trip

Cheese making village - Meal in Buddhist temple - Tofu workshop - Rice wine - Mushroom banquet - Grandma Wang’s home cooked dinner - Cooking class

3 - 7DAYS

During all Zomya trips, with amazing landscapes and villages, you will never get bored in Yunnan as a vegetable lover. Lush forests and fertile farmland provide a huge variety of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and even edible ferns and lichens. It is a delight to see how an ingenious chef magically turns all these natural ingredients into a banquet of mouth watery delicacies. On this trip, Zomya will lead you shopping for to local markets, enjoy vegetarian food in monasteries and a home cooked dinner after a day of sightseeing, make friends with the locals and discover the secret recipes in the local kitchens.

Best season: All year


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