A Bite of Yunnan – Gastronomic Trip

Dancing with dishes - Yunnan liquor - Home style cooking - Ethnic cuisine - Traditional villages

3 - 7DAYS

民以食为天, an old Chinese saying means as much as “hunger breeds discontentment ”. This is why any trip in China will be a non-stop discovery of different delicacies in different places. The best way to enjoy like a local for foodies is to taste all the 名菜(mingcai, famous dishes) and explore the culture behind them. A good example is the Yi people's serving of dishes while dancing in Nanjian.

Yunnan's diverse ethnic culinary traditions and amount of fresh ingredients make Yunnan a perfect travel destination for gastronomic explorers. No matter what your preferences are, Zomya will help you discover new favorite dishes during your holiday. If you like we can organize an expert who will show you the secrets behind these delicacies.

Best season: All year


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