A Taste of Tea – In Depth Tea Journey

Hiking - Chinese tea culture - Bamboo tea - Tea salad - Clay pot tea - Traditional village - Home stay


Yunnan is not only widely regarded as the birthplace of tea, it is also the only place where you will find all the different kinds of tea being produced: White, green, oolong, black and pu'er. And the ethnic minorities that first discovered tea even see it as a food item and medicine.

The traditions of their ancestors who discovered tea are still unchanged. There are many rituals and festivals in order to thank mother nature who gave them this plant: the most ancient form of tea ceremony consists of cooking tea in a bamboo tube, it is eaten as a salad and also as a pickle. Later more elaborate tea ceremonies where developed in order to better enjoy the joy of tea drinking. Zomya will guide you to enjoy the natural beauty of tea mountains, and meanwhile experience the traditions and different ways to enjoy tea.

Best season: Apr - Nov


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