Go to the market – Odyssey

Colorful rural markets - Ethnic groups: Dai Na, Dai Ya, Dai Lue, Indigo Yao, Red Hat Yao, Sha Yao, White Miao, Green Miao, Flowery Miao, Zhuang, Bailo, Hualo, Alu, Akha, Biyue, Hami, Guojiao, Lahu, Jinpo, Jino, Axi, Sani - Natural beauty

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If you have more than three weeks time, and have a special interest in Yunnan's ethnological richness, we can take you all along the Southern borderlands to small places that very few tourists ever visit. With 26 different ethnic groups, and dozens of subgroups, some of which have only been discovered in recent years. The best way to enjoy the ethnic atmosphere and to appreciate the local culture is to go to markets. Colorful markets hidden in the mountains near the border with Vietnam, Burma and Laos, are always crowded with people wearing traditional costume. They attract very few tourists, the biggest reason for this is the difficulty to calculate the precise date of market days, which depends on 4 different calendars. To admire their beauty  you can count on Zomya to help you customize your trip and guide you to the best markets, immerse yourself in the local culture, and share unforgettable moments with local people.

Best season: All year


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