Enchanted by Festivals - Guizhou festival trip

Ethnic groups: Miao, Dong, Lao Han, Buyi - Gejia Lusheng festival - Sister's meal - Miao New Year - Dong Singing


Guizhou, and especially its southwest, is a place of colorful festivals. During any trip there is always a big chance of tumbling onto an unplanned wedding, funeral or other ceremony, and it will be one of the highlights of your trip with Zomya. If you want a better opportunity to share in local celebrations, we can help plan your trip around a festival. Festivities generally happen when there is less work on the farm, between seasons, and thus also depend on the local climate. A few examples are the Miao's Lusheng festival, sister's meal, and the Dong's New Year Celebrations. During the year there are dozens of such festivals all around Guizhou, but generally late autumn and February to April are the best time of year. 

Best season: Nov, Feb, Mar, Apr


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