“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” - James Michener

Matt and Rick are two adventurers from two different cultural backgrounds: Belgian and Chinese. Within the same passion and love of sharing unique traveling experiences, they cofounded ZOMYA.CO, a travel agency which focus on exploring Southwest China's lesser known destinations in a sustainable way.

Tailor-made trekking tours, ecotours to rural villages, ethnic markets and festivals trips are what zomya specialized.

Matt(Matthieu lelievre,Belgian)

Founder of ZOMYA.CO

Matt speaks Dutch, French, English and Mandarin fluently. 

He lived in and traveled around China and Tibet since 2003.

Soon after he arrived he started studying Chinese and working as a tour leader, a perfect combination making him able to share as no other his love for these lands and its people.

He is a walking encyclopedia on everything concerning China and Tibet and keeps traveling to discover new places.

This makes him a real expert on China and its different Ethnic groups.

Rick Wu(Wuxi, Chinese)

Cofounder of ZOMYA.CO

Rick speaks Chinese and English fluently.

Not until Rick's graduation in 2010 did he became a tour operator and a tour guide in Southwestern China.

Exploring the great ethnic diversity, enjoying the unspoiled natural beauty, admiring and experiencing the amazing cultural heritage left by the ancestors are always his personal interests as well as the highlights he wants to show to the clients. 

Rick has a great interest and passion of introducing and guiding his clients to the remote villages and minority markets in non – touristy places, helping clients to discover the unknown tribes and communicate with the locals. 

Which he believes the best trip is always the trip clients can immerse themselves in the different cultures with the most authentic way.

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